Review of “A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies” by Judy DeLoache and Alma Gottlieb

I wrote a review of Judy DeLoache and Alma Gottlieb (eds.) A World of Babies: Imagined Childcare Guides for Seven Societies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000 for The Journal of the Association of Research on Mothering, vol. 3, no. 1, 2001, pp. 227-228.


From the text:

“Imagined Childcare Guides? What on earth are they? Amidst an array of fascinating anthropological research, we discover that they are “truthful fictions” or realistic accounts of childrearing conveyed through an imaginary protagonist. This is a clever book.  It takes the format of the childcare guide of the later twentieth century and uses it, albeit fictively, to develop a series of guides for ‘other’ societies: the Puritans of seventeenth century Massachusetts; the Beng of Ivory Coast (West Africa);  the  Balinese  of Indonesia;  Muslim  villagers  in  Turkey;  the Walpiri  (an Aboriginal group) of Northern  Australia; the Fulani of West and Central  Africa; and the Ifaluk people of Micronesia.”


Petra Bueskens | Mother, scholar, psychotherapist | Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Melbourne Daylesford